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Video production is a way to capture images and create videos, create live production and post production (video editing) some combinations and shrinks of this video. In most cases, the captured video is recorded on the current electronic medium such as SD card. In the past video was captured on video tape, hard disk, or solid state storage. Video tape capture is obsolete and solid - state storage is reserved for that storage. It is delivered in digital format in formats such as Moving Picture Experts Group format (.mpeg, .mpg, mp4), QuickTime (mov), Audio Video Interleave (avi), Windows Media Video (wmv). It corresponds to movie production, but it is an image recorded digitally instead of film stock.

An excellent set of podcasts covering trends, best practices, tips and more in digestible bytes. Recent episodes include: A Live Action Video Tips and Techniques Edit 'and' The Thumbnail: The Cover Art of Your Marketing Video. ' "We love the depth and the greasy details they get.In practice, video production is the art and service to create content and deliver a complete video product. This can include the production of television shows, ads, corporate videos, event videos, wedding videos and special interest home videos. A video production can vary in size

Examples include:

  • a family making home movieswith camcorder,
  • a solo camera operatorwith a professional video camera in a single-camera setup ("one-man band"),
  • a videographerwith a sound person,
  • a multiple-camera setupshoot in a television studio
  • a production truckrequiring a television crew for an electronic field production (EFP) with a production company using set construction on the back lot of a movie studio.

Shooting styles and techniques include:

  • using a tripodfor a locked-down, stable shot;
  • hand-held for a larger frame of motion to attain more jittery camera angles or looser shots to depict natural movement
  • incorporating various camera angles such as the Dutch angle(see Mission Impossible), Whip pan (see the opening of Hot Fuzz) and Whip zoom (see the Kiddo/Driver fight in Kill Bill Vol. 2);
  • on a jibor crane that smoothly soars to varying heights as seen in the finale of the movie Grease;
  • with a Stead cam for smooth movement as the camera operator incorporates moving cinematic techniquessuch as moving through rooms, as seen in The Shining.

·         Corporate video

·         Television broadcast

·         Event video

·         Video production for distance education

·         Internet video production

·         If you want to shoot the video quickly, take your time while shooting so that your editing is easier. Make sure you have enough footage, but not so much that you can not sort all the clips to find the best one. Some long, stable photos are better than a ton of short, shaky clips that you can not use. As with any tactic, the decision to create content as a video must go back to your marketing goals. Fortunately, from a marketing perspective, video offers a range of creative and strategic options that can be applied to virtually any goal or goal of content marketing.·          ·         Do you have a viral video that has shot 100,000 views? Awesome! But now what? Chances are, if the public liked, they will want more. Think beyond the success of a video and consider developing a series of equally popular videos. Use these instructions to test your ideas and give them the best chance of success on YouTube.·         If you had not yet learned from your personal experience, you may have wondered: with all the studies and statistics showing the effectiveness of video marketing, why are there so many teams to produce ANY video content? The truth is, video production is not an easy or affordable task.·          ·         If your company sells a product or service that can be explained and promoted using video, it's also an incredible marketing platform - which you probably do not use fully at the moment.·          ·         Videos help draw attention to social media messages / ads: people can read, watch, and listen to them, so video can engage them in a different way than static imagery. In addition, videos are played automatically on some channels like Facebook. Videos can be reused in new videos and other content formats.·          ·         In a recent report, Buffer found that 83 percent of marketers would create more video content if time, resources, and budget were not an obstacle. The good news is with the right set of tools (free and paid) and a clear strategy for video marketing, you can create engaging videos for social media without spending

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